After several successful years of MKN & Associates operating out of a single Arroyo Grande office, we’re excited to have opened two new offices in the Central Valley. The first, located in Bakersfield, opened in early 2016, while the second, found in Fresno, opened in the Fall of 2017.

The addition of the two new Central Valley offices gives our people the chance to meet with clients on a more regular basis. Ideally, at MKN, we prefer to be within a one to two-hour drive of our clients in order to give them face-to-face access. We’ve learned that our projects move more smoothly when we’re routinely able to meet in person and give status updates. Additionally, our clients really seem to value the face-to-face interactions, believing, rightly so, that it indicates a more meaningful investment in their project and their company. And since our employees are important to us too, we prefer not to keep them from their families unless we absolutely have to.

Another benefit to having offices in the Central Valley is the ability to attach ourselves to the local universities. Fresno State, for instance, has a fantastic engineering program, from which we’ve already drawn several promising young engineers. Even so, we are continuing to grow at a rapid pace and have several jobs posted on our website, so check it out and spread the word.

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