City of Santa Paula Staff Augmentation

City of Santa Paula, CA

The City of Santa Paula owns a Wastewater Reclamation Facility (WRF) to treat domestic and industrial sewage developed within the City boundaries, using a contract operator to run the WRF. The City prefers to operate with a lean staffing model, so to brings experienced and knowledgeable consultants in to provide oversight over a number of its public works functions. The City hired MKN to perform this function for the WRF because of MKN’s extensive experience in wastewater treatment and operations and general engineering expertise.


MKN serves as staff extension for the City, monitoring the contract operator to ensure that all aspects of the contract are met. MKN monitors expenditures and maintenance activities, as well as verifying that regulatory reports are filed on time. MKN provides recommendations for improvements to operations and to facilities as required, and determines cost effective improvements to the treatment processes and systems. Other responsibilities include development and monitoring of operating budgets and capital improvements for the WRF.

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