Hydraulic Modeling, Master Planning, CIP Development

City of Tehachapi, CA

The City’s existing water distribution system hydraulic model, system evaluation report and fee study were prepared approximately a decade ago. Since that time, the City’s system has grown and changed and the model, associated infrastructure planning, and fee study required updating. Historically, the hydraulic model has been used to analyze system performance, identify improvements to increase system performance, update mitigation fees, and assess impacts resulting from growth.

For this project, MKN completed an evaluation of existing water production, storage capacity, and performance of distribution facilities; creation of a GIS-based hydraulic water model, preparation of a GIS-based system atlas, review of water quality requirements and goals; identification of deficiencies under existing and future conditions; and development of Capital Improvements Program and cost opinions for existing and future improvements.


  • Technical Assessment
  • Hydraulic Modeling
  • Master Planning
  • CIP Development

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