Margarita & Foothill Lift Station Replacement

City of San Luis Obispo, CA

The City owns and operates nine sewer lift stations. Six of these are Smith and Loveless premanufactured steel structures with a dry well/wet well design. The Margarita and Foothill lift stations were placed in service in 1971 and 1986, respectively. Both lift stations were experiencing deterioration of the structures, causing leaks and presenting risk of structural failure. The dry wells are classified as confined spaces, making ongoing repairs and maintenance more difficult to accomplish without requiring multiple staff members, gas monitoring equipment, and power ventilation for even the most basic tasks. Both lift stations are located on constrained sites with limited space and are in very close proximity to residences.

This project addressed a variety of challenges such as property acquisition, proximity to residences, constrained site access, traffic impacts and the need for temporary operations to maintain continuous service throughout the construction duration.


  • New Lift Station
  • Space Limitations
  • Maintain Operations During Construction

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