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Letter from the CEO

We are looking for the best in our industry to build our firm at all levels, and to guide us now and into the future.

If you are reviewing this, you are likely looking for a new career opportunity and you are considering several options. We understand outstanding professionals are aggressively recruited by consulting firms, private industry, and public agencies and you will have a world of opportunities to choose from. 

As a career civil/environmental engineer who has worked for 25 years across the United States, for international and small local organizations, I have been there. I have relocated to move closer to family, to follow school opportunities, and sometimes to follow my career and I understand where you are and what your concerns might be. 

More importantly, I and my team have taken all the lessons we have learned from other employers to build MKN into a top-tier employer in central and southern California. I hope you will consider joining us and seeing what amazing personal and professional growth opportunities we can offer. 


Mike Nunley, PE

Our Culture

Fostering mentorship and collaboration

Progressive, Innovative, Adaptive, Dynamic

Come work at a firm where your voice will be heard. MKN fosters an innovative work environment in which our engineers learn, advance, and are actually listened to. Here, you’ll be more than just another engineer – you’ll be a valued member of a well-constructed team.

Company Culture Statement

MKN’s success is a direct result of our committed employees’ talent and their contributions to our team. In return, we provide our employees with the tools to promote professional growth, technical mastery, and a healthy work life balance in all stages of life.

“MKN allows me to work on projects that I know have a direct benefit to the community while working with people that are not just coworkers but good friends.

This close knit bond that we have among all offices makes it easier and enjoyable to work through challenging projects and to provide our clients with the highest level of service.”
JJ Reichmuth
Senior Engineer

Why Work Here

ClientsThe Way-Too-Small FirmsThe Just Right FirmThe Way-Too-Big Firms
Provide Access to Key Stakeholders
Complete Projects On-time
Complete Projects On-budget
Fun to Work With
Can Handle Large-Scale Projects
Can Handle Projects from Start to Finish
Has the Right Team for Every Job
RecruitsThe Way-Too-Small FirmsThe Just Right FirmThe Way-Too-Big Firms
Great Onboarding and Training
Opportunities to Learn
Collaborative Atmosphere
Invested Leadership
Dynamic Work Environment
Structured Feedback
Opportunity to Make a Difference
Industry Leading Projects
Clear Communication

How To Apply