I didn’t know what to expect when I first walked through the doors as an intern at MKN & Associates, but I quickly learned that one of the area’s best civil and environmental engineering firms was also one of the most welcoming and friendly workplaces around.

MKN Intern Ryan
MKN Intern Ryan

A very caring and supportive group, the team at MKN showed immediate interest in helping and supporting me on my journey to become an engineer. The projects and other tasks I was given were challenging, yet exciting to work on – and gave me real-world experience that I would have otherwise missed out on had I worked somewhere else.

It was surprising how much I learned about the engineering field here, building and expanding upon many of the things I had started to learn about in school. MKN has also given me experience in construction observation and field investigation, which provided tremendous opportunities to work outside and enjoy the fresh air.

For more information about future internship opportunities, contact Human Resources Manager, Carrie Yamate, at cyamate@mknassociates.us.

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