If starting a new job is hard, starting a new career is even harder – especially in a technical field like engineering. Thankfully, MKN offers internships to help newcomers to the profession, like me, a chance to learn on the job.

Amanda Critchfield
MKN Intern and Blog Author Amanda Critchfield

One of the most important aspects about an MKN internship is the mentoring that’s available. Instead of being stuck inside an office filing paperwork and doing other “busy work” activities, you get quality one-on-one time with both entry-level and senior engineers.

The internship allowed me to get my feet wet, and as I’ve gotten more comfortable taking on more complex projects, I have been given opportunities to become more involved in the larger engineering community. For me, one of the best parts of the internship at MKN has been the patient, knowledgeable, and friendly team I’ve worked with. I’ve been given a wide variety of interesting, and challenging projects and tasks to complete. They always take the time to answer my questions and provide me with invaluable feedback. In addition, the projects really relate to, and expand upon, my coursework in school. The internship even helped me with my senior design project, which is worth its weight in gold!


If you are interested in entering the field of engineering, there’s no better place to start than MKN and there’s no better time than now. They are currently taking applications for their Spring 2019 Intern Scholarship program at their Fresno office. If you’re a highly motivated civil and environmental engineering students who is up for a challenge and want real world experience, then you’re a perfect fit! You just have to be a junior, senior, or graduate student at Fresno State or UC Merced. Not only is this resume builder a paid internship, but it comes with a $1,000 scholarship to help pay for school!

For more information, or to get an application, contact Human Resources Manager, Carrie Yamate, at cyamate@mknassociates.us by November 30, 2018.

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