Authored by Interns Elena Szlemp and Brooke Riehl


Over the past few months, we have been fortunate to serve in internships at MKN & Associates. These internships provided exposure to many different projects, which helped teach some valuable lessons and prepare us for future endeavors – and the potential writing of Masters’ theses in the coming year.

The MKN team was knowledgeable and very helpful in explaining tasks to make sure we understood what we were working on. It’s one thing to learn concepts in the classroom, but the introduction to field work and real projects made it possible to physically see what we were working on in real time.

At MKN, each employee seems to have a niche within the company, where they are strongest. They take those strengths and collaborate, sharing strategic ideas to come up with efficient and unique solutions to tough problems. It was refreshing to see this teamwork in action. MKN has created a welcoming and enriching environment where we could both feel truly valued and respected.

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