East Niles Community Services District Engineering

Kern County, CA

East Niles Community Services District (ENCSD) is responsible for providing domestic water, fire protection water, and sewer services to approximately 30,000 people in eastern Bakersfield, California. The District’s provides both groundwater and surface water to their customers through a robust transmission and distribution system that is divided into five pressure zones. The water system facilities include seven (7) potable wells, seven (7) reservoir sites totaling nearly 12 million gallons of storage, nine (9) booster pump stations, and two (2) water treatment systems. The sewer collection system consists of over 65 miles of collectors and two (2) lift stations. Sewage is conveyed to two area treatment plants operated by outside entities.


MKN serves as District Engineer. District Engineer responsibilities range from planning to detailed design. Design services include preparation of plans and specifications for a wide variety of water and sewer system improvement projects including pump stations, storage tanks, transmission and distribution pipelines, pressure reducing/sustaining stations, and wellhead treatment facilities. Planning services include preparation of documents such as the water system master plan, sewer system management plan, urban water management plan, and rate studies. MKN personal also provide review of all development plans submitted to District for system improvements.

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