MKN’s decades of experience in the water industry enable us to tackle complex and intricate projects with ease. Our approach to project management and delivery ensures clear communication with our clients and reliable project delivery.


Our process starts with the following team structure, which we use for all our projects.

This structure encourages clear communication, and the early definition of roles & responsibilities (including clients, subconsultants, etc.) is fundamental to success.

Our project managers take on the bulk of the responsibility when handling a project, making delegation simple. PMs handle scheduling, contract review, quality control, scope control, subconsultant management, and project closeout. They also work with other PMS to manage workloads and share resources.

While the PM is the head of every project and takes responsibility for specific elements and deliverables, our project team assumes shared responsibility for the success of the project.

Pre-proposal Conversations

As our firm continues to grow, we still have to be conscious of our resources. It is important for the health of our staff and our project management that we do not over-extend our teams. PMs work to identify our challenges and constraints at the beginning of this process, and how to counter them when necessary. The decision to go after a project is always informed by honesty. Do we have the time? Do we want to foster a relationship with this client?


Our project delivery begins in the proposal phase. PMs create a capture plan tailored to individual projects before tackling the project setup, quality control, and scope change management. We have a collection of project forms, tools, and checklists to keep each project organized.

This streamlined approach minimizes excess paperwork and promotes clear communication between our team and our clients.

We put the full force of our teams and resources behind the proposals we pursue, crafting innovative responses that tackle each client’s unique needs. It is also critical we be objective about our position and realistic about our relationship with each client. Above all, we use our proposals to set ourselves apart from the competition as a reliable and conscientious consultant.

There are many firms in our industry who can do what we do. Our goal with proposals and client outreach is to show that we can do it better.

Blog author and MKN founder and CEO
Mike Nunley, PE

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